Financial Planning


"Sutherland begins this wise little book by asking readers to make a list of life commitments. Then he offers suggestions on creating a 'gentle budget' which reflects those commitments and life values; he goes on to outline a do-it-yourself plan for developing an investment portfolio, with examples of various low-cost strategies. There is also a list of companies, with information on fees, costs, hours, and minimum balances as well as advice on what to look for in a money manager. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he reminds the reader that companies which creatively engage skill and produce something useful serve -- and sustain -- healthy communities. For anyone wishing to bring peace, harmony, and spiritual responsibility into money matters, here is a guide that is both smart and full of heart." -- NAPRA ReView, Nov/Dec, 1998

The Virtue of Wealth: Creating Life Success the Zenvesting Way

While money can’t make you happy, it sure can make you blue. Paul Sutherland shows readers how to understand the fact that we trade time for money and shows us how to step off the treadmill by making decisions based upon values, family, and health.

AMA Physicians Guide to Financial Planning

This guide offers tools tailored to help physicians and their families manage day-to-day financial issues. It provides advice on financial planning, saving, investing, self-guided portfolio management, obtaining loans and mortgages, buying and selling real estate, retirement, estate planning, and many other aspects of money and investment.

Twelve Steps to a Carefree Retirement Plan

Whether you're mid-career or a younger physician who wants to reap the benefits of early planning, this user-friendly guide to retirement planning can help you get a handle on your current financial position, set goals for retirement, and plan how to meet those goals. Helpful sections include how to save, controlling taxes, managing budgets and debt, designing an insurance plan, making wise investments to meet your financial goals, and much more. This is an invaluable guide pointing you toward financial independence during retirement, while also helping you navigate the rough waters of today's medical profession.


You know financial planning is vital to your long-term success, but it can be difficult to carve out time to devote to your personal budgets, retirement plans, and investing. The complexities of finance don't make it easy, either. This book, designed specifically for veterinarians, is your guide to making wise financial decisions, avoiding mistakes, and working knowledgeably with a financial planner to achieve the rewards for which you have worked. The resource includes worksheets, charts, graphs, lists, and a complete glossary to complement the informative text.

This must-have guide covers: Homes and real estate / Business planning / Risk management / Retirement planning / Investment management / Balancing work and life


Children's Books

Amani the Boda-Boda Rider

This illustrated story book is an adventure tale of an African girl child who dares a dream: transcending societal norms, expectations, and restrictions, she ultimately becomes a successful female commercial boda-boda rider. The story is written to expand the minds of both children and adults, and to foster attitudes of mutual understanding, patience, and tolerance across demographics, faith-based groups, and cultures. The main character of the story is Amani, with her grandparents and a praying mantis as supporting characters to the story.

Amani (meaning peace in Kiswahili or strength in Rukiga) is a young girl who has made her mark by standing up against discrimination. Amani believes she has a right to be anything she wants. She believes in peaceful coexistence among people of different religions and creeds.

Amani joins a small group of Nobel Prize winners to fight for the rights of the girl child to become anything they want – especially to get education just like their brothers. Amani teaches all who read about her story that anyone can be whatever they wish to be with hard work, persistence, faith, virtue, patience, and vision.

Amani brings out courage in all children who believe in the power of “I can.”

Mani and Pitouee

A delightful tale about a little bear named Karuna, his otter friends Mani and Pitouee, and how a playful cherry-spitting contest helped the Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Manitou Islands of Northern Michigan get their names.

Finding Utopia

In this BIG (12"x12"!) children's picture book, a family travels to Australia to find out whether Utopia is there. On their travels they fly on an Airbus, ride on camels, take a bush plane to the Outback, and learn about the people, plants and animals living there. The kaleidoscope of colorful illustrations by Timothy Gibbons will inspire children of all ages to linger on each detailed page.

Do You Like Grasshoppers & Chapati?

Do You Like Grasshoppers and Chapati? was written as a read-to-me book and also as a book for kids to read to adults or on their own. Repetition helps children learn and teaches them to anticipate what is next, which in turn helps kids feel smart, confident, and capable. Pages with no text allow a child’s imagination and curiosity to grow. See if you can find the grasshopper hiding on every page!

CBS sm.jpg
Sharon's Song : Kaleke Kasome

Designed to be read out loud by parents and children together, Crash Boom Splash is a delightful, captivating book sharing a very important topic: tolerance.

Hand-painted watercolor illustrations by Ugandan artist Abel Rutaro bring to life Paul Sutherland's repetitive and rhyming words, weaving a tale of two sets of children living on opposite sides of a tree. Calamity ensues when they try to learn more about each other, but ultimately the half-dozen discover that the positive virtues of love, tolerance, friendship, respect, connection, and curiosity form the foundation for a lasting friendship.

"I hope your child will ask you to read Crash Boom Splash over and over again until you're able to tell the story to them without even reading the words!"
Paul H. Sutherland Father, Author, and Book Reader

Sharon's Song is a practical book designed to help girls, boys, parents, teachers, and caregivers nurture the positive intelligences and virtuous character strengths required to succeed, flourish, and thrive in our ever-changing world. When girls and boys identify with the characters in Sharon's Song, they discover values, virtue, character, emotional intelligence, grit, and optimism within themselves which are the building blocks of a successful life. Read Sharon's Song over and over again until the positive effects are felt in the reader's and listener's heart, soul, and mind. 


Can a small, peaceful, happy tribe living in an African jungle really save the world?
Yes! Because...
Many small actions working together make a big difference. - Congazori Proverb

Paul Sutherland's thought-provoking children's fable, coupled with Bahizi Jovan's colorful, detailed illustrations, tells the engaging story of how the actions of each and every member of the Congazori tribe--from great-grandmothers down to small children--worked together to save Lake Vinogo.






Emmanuel's Prayer is a simple fable about miracles, romance, chocolate, adventure, art, Italy & France, a nun, a man, a woman, and love.  Publisher's note: Dear Prospective Reader, We dare you to read the first four pages of Emmanuel's Prayer, then stop and look around you and think about the words... and then try to put it down.