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Why Emmanuel Can’t Read

“What age group is the book for?” a former Parliamentarian asked, as he looked into my eyes for an answer.

“Age 0 to age 88,” I answered.

He continued looking at me, and clarified, “I mean, is it for P2? P3? P4? What classes would use it?”

“Any class,” I replied.

The reason we were chatting is because this former MP had been involved in education at the ministry level and shared my passion for education.

As if I had not heard him, he asked again, “Paul, what classes would we buy this book for?”

I responded, “We create books that tell great stories. Each page is well-illustrated. We use high-quality paper and then think about every word, every illustration, and how each page is put together. We don’t consider 'age.' We only ask ourselves, 'Is this book one that kids and even adults will love?’”

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