Paul Sutherland Speaks at Northern Uganda Peace Conference

Paul spoke at the Northern Uganda Peace Conference 2017, at Gulu University. The event presentation team included religious leaders, peace advocates, Peace Studies instructors, teachers, media specialists and journalists from Northern Uganda. The event focused on the role of local leaders, religious institutions, personal engagement, government, security professionals, educators, students, and citizens at the local level working together in fostering peace, happiness, security and peaceful co-existence. Topics discussed were the importance of nurturing happiness, joy, cooperative skills, a good work ethic, and communication skills, as part of developing and maintaining a peaceful community. Emphasis was placed on developing personal peace through religious practice, mindfulness, empathy, and character development. Two primary schools brought their students to the event to join mothers, politicians, religious leaders, teachers, headmasters, university students, and local interested citizens to participate in the two-day event. The event was held at Gulu University, on November 23rd, 2017. 

Paul Peace Conference 2017 IMG_0655.jpg
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