Veterinarian’s Guide to Financial Planning: From School to Retirement

You know financial planning is vital to your long-term success, but it can be difficult to carve out time to devote to your personal budgets, retirement plans, and investing. The complexities of finance don’t make it easy, either. This book, designed specifically for veterinarians, is your guide to making wise financial decisions, avoiding mistakes, and working knowledgeably with a financial planner to achieve the rewards for which you have worked. The resource includes worksheets, charts, graphs, lists, and a complete glossary to complement the informative text.

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The Virtue of Wealth
Creating Life Success the Zenvesting Way

While money can’t make you happy, it sure can make you blue. Paul Sutherland, President and Chief Investment Office of FIM Group shows readers how to understand the fact that we trade time for money and shows us how to step off the treadmill by making decisions based upon values, family and health.

AMA Physicians Guide to Financial Planning

offers solid, commonsense tools tailored to help physicians and their families manage day-today financial issues. This interactive guide provides expert advice on financial planning, saving, investing, self-guided portfolio management, obtaining loans and mortgages, buying and selling real estate, retirement, estate planning and many other aspects of money and investment. Contains helpful worksheets, sample agreement and letters, do-it-yourself formulas, an extensive glossary of terms, and much more.

Twelve Steps to a Carefree Retirement Plan

now for your future. Whether you’re in mid-career or a younger physician who wants to reap the benefits of early planning, this user-friendly guide to retirement planning can help you get a handle on your current financial position, set goals for retirement and plan how to meet those goals.

Amani the Boda-Boda Rider

This illustrated story book is an adventure tale of an African girl child who dares a dream: transcending societal norms, expectations, and restrictions, she ultimately becomes a successful female commercial boda-boda rider. The story is written to expand the minds of both children and adults, and to foster attitudes of mutual understanding, patience, and tolerance across demographics, faith-based groups, and cultures. The main character of the story is Amani, with her grandparents and a praying mantis as supporting characters to the story.

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